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Sand and shadow on Glavica Beach
Sand and shadow on Glavica Beach
Duće by Omiš is one of the popular resorts in Central Dalmatia, it's known particularly for its sandy beaches - a somewhat rare feature on Croatia's Adriatic coast. The series of beaches start right on Duće's western border shared with Dugi Rat and end at Camp Galeb of Omiš on the eastern side, spanning a coastal line of about 2-3 km. With the exception of a short strip of gravel west of Luka, beaches are sandy all alone Duće.

Duće as a settlement consists of several parts. These start with Luka on the west - with its small port (hence the name). Luka's neighbour to the east is Rogač, featuring a couple of small family camps. Heading east next comes Vavlje, which, with its church, is practically the center of Duće. Vavlje is quite much merged with Golubinka on its eastern side. The main beach in Duće is located below Vavlje and Golubinka. Going further in Omiš's direction one gets to Glavica, a part of Duće that settled on a small hill. Here the main Adriatic road, the Magistrala, leaves the coast as Camp Galeb occupies that area, while Duće's easternmost part, Dočina (with no coast) is north of the road.

Most of Duće's houses, apartments and accommodations are located on the northern side of the main road - this way one can get to the beach only by crossing the road. Exceptions from this are groups of some houses in Luka and Glavica and the small camps in Rogač - these are directly by the beach. If you plan your vacation in Duće and can afford to pay a bit more for the location, the coastal part of Glavica is worth considering. On top of the top location of this area of Glavica, Glavica - in our view - has the most attractive beach in Duće.

Accommodation offers in Duće start with a luxury boutique hotel (Damianii) and go through pensions, villas, private apartments and rooms for rent right to the small family camps in Rogač. All settlement parts have their groceries, shops of larger size are available in the neighboring towns, like the Studenac mall in Omiš or the groceries in Dugi Rat. Duće features the high end, fine dining restaurant Gold Code with a Noma-schooled chef and several more traditional restaurants. The most popular of the beach bars is Shooko - serving as a night club, as well, after the beach hours.

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Coast, beach, houses and the Mosor in Duće
Coast, beach, houses and the Mosor in Duće

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